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Vessel, do you not worship me? Do you not give offerings in hopes of gaining my favor? When you return to your Cult you shall find a new Offering Chest. There you can provide offerings that I, in my generosity, shall turn to gold, so that you might strengthen the Cult. But I am not easily satisfied. The same gift offered too frequently will cause the price to be lowered. Yet fear not — over time it will grow in value once more. Give me proper tribute and you shall be rewarded.

Vessel, do you not worship me? Do you not give offerings in hopes of gaining my favor? When you return to your Cult you shall find a new Offering Chest. There you can provide offerings that I, in my generosity, shall turn to gold, so that you might strengthen the Cult. But I am not easily satisfied. The same gift offered too frequently will cause the price to be lowered. Yet fear not - over time it will grow in value once more. Give me proper tribute and you shall be rewarded.