Scott McCall – Character Quotes

Scott McCall

Scott McCall is the primary protagonist of the TV show Teen Wolf. He is the son of Melissa McCall and Rafael McCall, Scott is a bitten werewolf.

The character is played by Tyler Posey with actor Steele Gagnon playing young Scott in the episode Required Reading.

Quoted in: 

– I thought I saw him. It's like... something opened right there in the middle of the room. Just for a moment. And then it was gone.
– A rift.
– I thought there was only one rift. We saw it disappear.
– You remembered Stiles and then a new rift was created.
– If the Sheriff can do it...
– Maybe we can.
– But that rift closed.
– Then we'll open it again.
– How?
– By remembering Stiles. We have to remember everything.