Government Quotes

They killing over colors in L. A.
In El Salvador, it's numbers essay
For the E. T. A bombs are the best way
Independence is a monstrous death game

They killing in Iraq for black gold
In Nigeria they killed stacks for black gold
They killing in Chad for black gold
But do the U. N. ever react to that

No, innocents killed in London subway
Mexicans kill trying to run the drug trade
Mumbai killings was random gun spray
Tell me your kids don't love the blood games.


Terrorists undertake an impossible mission: to change the political balance of power through violence, despite having no army. To achieve their aim, terrorists present the state with an impossible challenge of their own: to prove that it can protect all its citizens from political violence, anywhere, any time. The terrorists hope that when the state tries to fulfil this impossible mission, it will reshuffle the political cards, and hand them some unforeseen ace.