Think Quotes

[Peggy] Daddy said to be home by sundown

[Angelica] Daddy doesn’t need to know

[Peggy] Daddy said not to go downtown

[Eliza] Like I said, you’re free to go

[Angelica] But — look around, look around, the
Revolution’s happening in New York

[Eliza/Peggy] New York

[Company] Angelica

[Schuyler sisters & Company] Work!

[Peggy] It’s bad enough daddy wants to go to war.

People shouting in the square.

[Peggy] It’s bad enough there’ll be violence on our shore.

[Angelica] New ideas in the air.

[Angelica & Male ensemble] Look around, look around —

[Eliza] Angelica, remind me what we’re looking for…

[All men] She’s lookin’ for me!

[Angelica] Eliza, I’m lookin’ for a mind at work
I’m lookin’ for a mind at work!
I’m lookin’ for a mind at work!

[Eliza/Angelica/Peggy] Work!