Strategy Quotes

[Burr] Your Excellency, sir

[Washington] Who are you?

[Burr] Aaron Burr, sir
Permission to state my case?

[Washington] As you were...

[Burr] Sir, I was a captain under General Montgomery
Until he caught a bullet in the neck in Quebec, and well, in summary
think that I could be of some assistance
I admire how you keep firing on the British
From a distance

[Washington] Huh

[Burr] I have some questions, a couple of suggestions
On how to fight instead of fleeing west

[Washington] Yes?

[Burr] Well —

[Hamilton] Your Excellency? You wanted to see me?

[Washington] Hamilton, come in. Have you met Burr?

[Hamilton] Yes, sir

[Hamilton & Burr] We keep meeting...

[Burr] As I was saying, sir
I look forward to seeing your strategy play out—

[Washington] Burr?

[Burr] Sir?

[Washington] Close the door on your way out