Rest Quotes


— You wanna catch a beer?
— I can't. I gotta run a few errands.
— What? You don't want a beer? What's wrong?
— I... got the results back from the detective exam.
— You failed again? This is why I never took that test. All the anxiety and disappointment. At some point, you have to realize you have hit your ceiling and just give up.

- You wanna catch a beer?
- I can't. I gotta run a few errands.
- What? You don't want a beer? What's wrong?
- I... got the results back from the detective exam.
- You failed again? This is why I never took that test. All the anxiety and disappointment. At some point, you have to realize you have hit your ceiling and just give up.

Agent Tattletale, he says, “Americans are the world’s best at doing their work.” And studying and competition. But we suck when it comes time to relax. There’s no profit. No trophy. Nothing at the Olympic Games goes to the Most Laid-Back Athlete. No product endorsements for the World’s Laziest anything. His camera eye on auto-focus, he says, “We’re great at winning and losing.” And nose grindstoning, but not accepting. Not shoulder shrugging and tolerance. “Instead,” he tells himself, “we have marijuana and television. Beer and Valium.” And health insurance. To refill, as needed.