Responsibility Quotes

At your age, you still don't know how to take responsibility? Then I'll explain it to you. To take responsibility is to take the pain onto yourself. It means to bear more pain than what others felt because of your mistake. If you ruined someone’s silver tableware, you must repay with gold tableware. The president of a polluting manufacturing plant must live beside the plant’s chimney. That’s what taking responsibility means.


When you do or not do something, these two processes are equivalent. Therefore, both imply action and honesty. You need to be sincere and honest with yourself.
No matter what your objective… no matter who you are… if you are going to do something or not do something, that is a promise to yourself. And the one who keeps the promise, or breaks the promise, is you. No one else can be burdened with holding you to a promise that’s made to yourself. You must pay all of the debts that you made, even to yourself.