Business Quotes

– I just want you to think long term, all right? Be smart. Every place in Manhattan, they all keep books, all right? If you get listed as a mechanic, then not only are you gonna get the shit kicked out of you, you're not gonna get a fuckin' game anywhere in New York. It's stupid. It's just bad business.
– Look, this is what I love about you. You think about the big picture. That's great, okay? But it's not me. I don't play the game straight up, and then if I lose, go get some real work or something, okay? I see a mark, I take him down… That's what I do. That's the way I live.
– I know. Listen, you're the guy who taught me all the angles. But I'm not the guy with my nose open right now.
– Aw, come on.
– I'm not gonna preach to you, but those two guys in there, they're not rabbits. Roman and Maurice? They're Russian outfit guys. Not as bad as KGB, but you don't want to be fuckin' with those guys.

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